SL1024EC DMX Not Recognized by Some Fixtures


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Bill Levy

SL1024EC DMX Not Recognized by Some Fixtures

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I run a dance club & am having problems with some fixtures not responding to the SL1024EC box (driven with the Sunlite Suite). We have 40 LED fixtures (3 different types) and they all work properly with the SL1024EC. our 4 High End Trackspots (V1) work fine too. And so do our 6 Elation Protron Color Strobes. But we have 8 High End Intellabeam 700HX and 2 new X-Laser Air and I can not get them to respond to the SL1024EC box. terminate or not. low address, medium address, high address. In the signal chain, or direct from the SL1024EC into any of the individual fixtures one at a time. They are oblivious to any DMX commands from the box. We have 2 other small hardware-based DMX controllers and all of the intellabeams & lasers immediately work when plugged into the other controllers. but not with the sunlite box. the only 3 options I can come up are: #1 use an active DMX splitter which hopefully will sense DMX commands from the SL1024EC and with its active buffer and transformer isolation its DMX is recognized by the Intellabeams & Air Lasers. #2 trash the sunlite system. #3 trash the intellabeams and lasers. Obviously #2 & #3 are not preferred. Anybody know why the box won't see the fixtures? Or have other ideas how to solve the problem?
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Re: SL1024EC DMX Not Recognized by Some Fixtures

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Hi Bill

Sorry for the 2 1/2 month late response, looks like your post got lost in the depths of the rarely used SIUDI hardware forums. Did you find a solution to your problem?
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