SIUDI 5A frame rate


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SIUDI 5A frame rate

Post by gulfmonsoon »

Is there anyway to change the DMX refresh or frame rate for the SIUDI 5A?

The Chauvet Colorstrip has a known issue where it flickers randomly when the DMX frame rate is over 30 Hz during RGB mode. I would like to change it to 30 Hz or lower to avoid this problem.

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Re: SIUDI 5A frame rate

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The framerate of the SIUDI 5A is 25Hz, therefore it should not affect your fixture.

-try with one fixture
-try with a DMX terminator
-try with a DMX booster/splitter/repeater if you can get hold of one

You cannot change the framerate of the SIUDI 5 interfaces but it is possible with the new SIUDI 8 interfaces used for the SUITE2BC and SUITE2EC interfaces
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