SLESA-U5 not putting out DMX


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SLESA-U5 not putting out DMX

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I recently purchased a SLESA-U5 and have installed the Easy Stand Alone software.

However, no matter what fixture I connect to the unit I can not get any response. I have another DMX controller here (Enttec DMXIS) that can get all of my fixtures to respond.

I did use the scan library to create profiles for my fixtures as they are not common fixtures. However, even setting up the fixtures as 5 individual dimmers still gives me no control.

On the front of the unit the display says "PC", the amber light (power) is solid and the green and red (# and DMX) lights are flashing rapidly. I do have the switch on the unit set to USB power.

Please tell me I'm doing something stupid and incredibly easy to fix, and not that I have a bad unit.


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Re: SLESA-U5 not putting out DMX

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If the yellow LED is on, the interface has power. If the unit says PC and the green light is on, then the interface has a good communication with the software. The RED LED shows the DMX signal so if it is flashing rapidly this should also work fine. Send me your show by e-mail along with the fixture profile you are using. Also check out the no DMX output troubleshooter within the SIUDI tutorials which can be found here:

If I see no problems with your show and you have no luck with the troubleshooter, we will look into having the unit swapped
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