Unable to install the USB drivers


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Unable to install the USB drivers

Post by fox »

Hey guys, got a problem here. I downloaded the USB driver for the SIUDI 5A and installed them ( on a XP3 32B machine) . Installing works fine, completed with no errors. But when i connect the SIUDI 5A, windows cannot find the driver. Also when i do it manualy, it is still impossible to get the SIUDI 5A to work. He just won't regonise it. I also have try it on a other system, same problem. I know there where in the past seperate inf files for it. Cannot find them in the downloads.

LED Status:

USB: flashing once in a while
DMX: Flashing extreme fast.
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Re: Unable to install the USB drivers

Post by simonB »

1.Download and install the latest software package from the website, the drivers will install after. Don't connect your interface yet! Make sure you click "continue anyway" if prompted to do so.
2.Once the software installation is complete, then connect the interface, the driver installation dialog may now pop up a second time, complete the installation.
3.Open tools.exe, this can be found in the root directory and windows start menu. click firmware and update the siudi5 firmware.
4.Once the firmware has been updated, it will sometimes ask you again to install drivers (depending on which firmware version you are upgrading from), go through the installation.

If this still doesn't work...
1. right click my computer, go to properties and device manager...something like "intelligent USB interface" should be listed under universal serial bus controllers. Do you see this? is there a yellow circle with a "?" ?
2. send me your serial number of your interface by e-mail (click the mail icon under my username) and I will check if there are any logged problems
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Re: Unable to install the USB drivers

Post by prrcarva »


I've a siudi 5A - 293763179 since 2012. I put it to work on my hostel and i never touch him again. It work all this years but failed to usb connect my latest pcs for quite a time now. Now i see i have to use a 32bit windows, ok, i m doing it now and still fails to connect.

should i instal a earlier version of easy stand alone?? I ve now the esa 23 mar 2015.

And all this years ever 15 seconds the leds blink... it has been a real pain to have this blinking but only now i have time to address the issue. Is that a problem with my siudi??

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