SIUDI 5C - Firmware won't update.


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SIUDI 5C - Firmware won't update.

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I have a client who found three SIUDI 5C in a drawer - brand new never used before and would like to use them on their property. After installing the ESA software onto my compute it does not see the unit I am currently working with. I can see the unit in the Tools for USB-DMX, and it tells me that they have firmware 1.10 but the S/N is coming in as 0, Product Code is 0. All I get is a firmware upload failed when I attempt to update the units. Currently they have a solid Yellow Light, a slow blinking Green and a fast blinking Red. I am using a Mac running Parallels with Windows XP. I don't think that is the issue as I have run and updated other controllers before, with no problem. Any help you can give me as soon as you can would be greatly appreciated.