Problem with DasHard

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Problem with DasHard

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I'm trying to create a Visual C++ 2010 (Express) application but I'm stuck with a bug.

I used the "slmini2006" project in the developer kit to learn about the DLL implementation and SIUDI commands. Unfortunately, I can't modify the slmini project because my Visual C++ version doesn't support MFC applications.

So here's the problem :

I use the same commands as slmini for loading the DLL :

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				int dll_open=0, ok=0;
				dll_open = HardDllOpen();
				if (dll_open>0)
					// New command
					ref_open = HardDllCommand(DHC_OPEN,0,NULL);

					MessageBox::Show("'DasHard2006.dll' not found !", "DLL", MessageBoxButtons::OK);
I don't get the messagebox so I suppose it's loaded, but then, ref_open returns "DHE_ERROR_COMMAND".

What is really weird is that the slmini.exe works great. My siudi 6A is version 115.

Thanks in advance.