BUG tabbed page doesn't become active.

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BUG tabbed page doesn't become active.

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When you have several pages arranged as tabs and you click on a tab, that page becomes visible and the the other page becomes hidden. This works exactly as expected. HOWEVER, the previous page still has input focus and is still considered "visible" (even though its not visible) until you actually click something on the now visible page. Only then does it get input focus. Only then is it considered "visible" by sunlite.

This means that buttons don't work as expected with respect to keyboard shortcuts!

1. create two pages (page-1 and page-2) and arrange them as tabs on top of each other.
2. Put one or more fixtures on each page.
3. Assign "c" to the center button on page-1 and page-2.
4. Check the boxes that say "only active when page is visable" and "only active when page is active" for the center button on each page.
5. Goto page-1 and click "INIT". This page is now the "active" and "visible" page.
6. Click on the tab for page-2. Page-1 is no longer visible.
7. Press "c".

Expected result: The center button on the visible page (page-2) should go on.
Actual result: The center button on no-longer-visible Page-1 goes on.