ESA Pro - 13 April 2017 Beta

ESA PRO combines the ease of use of the Easy Stand Alone software and new powerful tools required by the latest LED fixtures

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ESA Pro - 13 April 2017 Beta

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Hi ESA Pro users,

We have a new beta version for you to try with several bug fixes and, most importantly, this version works with the new SLESA-UE7 firmware 1.24. If there are no reported issues, we hope to make this the new official version soon.
  • Now compatible with SLESA-UE7 firmware 1.24
  • Removed Synchronisation tab from standalone screen when connected by USB cable. This feature should only work by network.
  • Fixed overlapping color mixing effects bug after circle positioning applied
  • Fixed butterfly effect playing from preview Window. Fixture order was incorrect.
  • Crash with PLFRESNEL SSL profile with static blocks and fade
  • Fixed problem copying and pasting groupos of effects blocks. Error - there is not enough space.
  • Audio wave form not showing on timeline when importing wav files
  • Fixed software crash when writing a particular show
  • Fixed error when copy and paste a color mixing effect -> Improper argument
  • Crash when expanding scene list on standalone page with some shows
  • Fixed problem with blank timelines
  • Fixed CMY inverted dmx values with text effect
  • Online help link in menu has been updated.
  • Software now correctly only writes 2 universes to Stick-DE3. In some circumstances, it would try to write 3 universes, causing the DE3 to crash.
  • Matrix effect crashes when playing on rect with moving heads. (We have never heard of a customer trying this!)
Kind Regards,

Nicolaudie Tech Support