which version?

Sunlite Suite 2 is a complete re-design of Suite 1. Please discus any issues here

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which version?

Post by Lutz »

I have a SUITE2-FC interface and search for the lastest compatible Sunlite version. On the sunlitepro.com download page I could identify three possible candidates. Which one should I use?

section "Our DMX Software":
  • Sunlite Suite 2 Official - 447 Mb (says to be compatible with older SUITE2 interfaces)
section "Legacy Software"
  • Sunlite Suite 2 Legacy Official - 277,8 Mb (says to be final version supporting SUITE2-FC interfaces)
  • Sunlite Suite Official - 221,4 Mb ( says to be compatible with ... SUITE2-FC interfaces
Thanks and regards, Lutz
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Re: which version?

Post by nick »

Hi Lutz,

There was a mistake on our Sunlite Downloads page which said ...

Sunlite Suite 2 Legacy Official
Final version supporting SUITE2-FC

It should have said
Final version supporting SUITE2-FC/+ SIUDI-7A model

The SIUDI-7A hardware model does not have an Ethernet port and uses a Mini SD card instead of a micro SD card. If you have the SIUDI-7A you'll need to use this version and firmware 1.20.

As for the official vs the beta, the choice is yours. A beta version will have some more recent bug fixes, which is why I will normally use this version. However, it is not thoroughly tested before being released to the public for testing. Use at your own risk.

Kind Regards,

Nicolaudie Tech Support
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