Problems with cycles..

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Problems with cycles..

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Hi, I recently moved from SL1 to SL2 and am having some annoying issues with the cycles functions..

I created some scenes in the master page, then created a cycle button and recorded a sequence of scenes into the cycle.

1. Each time I select the cycle (as well as when initially creating it), the master dimmer fader (on the BCF2000) shoots to zero. The actual level of the master dimmer in SL doesn't change - only the fader on the controller is effected. As soon as I exit the cycle, the fader returns to its proper position.

2. In SL1 cycle window I could multi-select some scenes (or the complete list of scenes in the cycle) and batch change them to be activated by "Go" instead of the original timed mode. In SL2 I can only do it one by one..

3. While editing the scenes in the cycle (in list mode) the cut and delete operations show immediately when executed, but the paste operation only shows after I play the cycle..

4. In SL1 I could control the steps in the cycle (Go/Back) via midi notes from the external controller. In SL2 I only see the option to do it with F11 and F12 on the keyboard. Isn't there an option to link these commands to midi?

Any guidance will be appreciated.

Thank you,
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