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create a manuel controlled movement between two palette points.

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:12 am
by steen4sun
Sunlite 20150215
akai lpd8
Moving heads 1-4, two palettes positions, could be :
I have a midicontroller akai lpd8 attached.
How do I program a turning knob on akai lpd8 so that
minimum on the knob is p_front_stage
maximum on the knob is p_back_stage

My thought was something like a switch with min max each DMX position channel, but it doesnt look as if I can combine min max dimmer with palettes.
When I choose dimmer min max all fine, but when I drag a palette to the channels, the min max settings disappears.

My moving heads also have channels changing fine positioning pan and tilt, but the fine position functionality isnt needed regarding this. functionality.