Phasing Delay Not Working on EasyTime

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Phasing Delay Not Working on EasyTime

Post by Gerardo »

I have 6 fixtures I want to make a move so all of them go to a programed pallete position called "Drumms", but I want them to go to that drumms position one by one and not all at the same time. So I make a switch and edit it using easytime, insert the efect called "Constant Level", assigning to this constant level the drumms position programed on the pallete, then I right click on the block created and select "Phasing Delay" and put a value of 1 second....and althoug you can actually see the delay inserted on the entire block, once you play it all the fixtures go to the drumms posittion at the same time instead of going one by one with a 1 second delay between them. I tried the same just trying to make a change of color from withe to red, made the same constant level effect (now assigned to the color channel instead of pan and tilt), insert a phasing delay time of 1 second, and nop...all the fixtures go from white to red at the same time.

Is there something I´m missing??

Gerardo Avila