DE3 Remote Access

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DE3 Remote Access

Post by tomkat »

I wanted to use a DE3 with phone App, either Lightpad or EasyRemote, but want to be able to control everything off network (off site).
Do these Apps/hardware have these capabilites?
Maxi Forumor
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Re: DE3 Remote Access

Post by nick »

Hi Tom,

Unfortunately it's not possible for any of our apps or software to control our dmx interfaces over the internet yet. We are working on a cloud based system which will allow remote control via a web browser with some of our interfaces, including the DE3. We expect this to be available later this year.

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Re: DE3 Remote Access

Post by sjlighting »

Hi Nick - is there any update on the light cloud feature? I'd like to be able to access projects across different devices.. and also, how do i backup the file? or if the main device is lost or fails... is there any way to save this?

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