Intel NUC & ESA PRO not finding Stick

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Intel NUC & ESA PRO not finding Stick

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I have a stick-de3 that is recognized by multiple notebook computers that are connected wirelessly to my network and my cell phone has access to the mobile app via my wireless network. However, I have an Intel NUC that is my hardwired server pc (running windows 8.1) that can not find the Ethernet ip via the ESA PRO software as generated by the Stick. If I do an ip scan from the NUC, it sees the stick ip perfectly fine. So, why can't my NUC find the stick via ESA PRO when multiple wireless computers can and my phone can. Further, the NUC is not having problems within the network with any other device. Also, I have set the stick to work both DHCP and with a fixed ip... neither makes a difference.