Showtec 4-bar: different colour for each light

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Showtec 4-bar: different colour for each light

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Hi all,

I'm very new to Sunlite so sorry if I'm asking a stupid question. But I have a Showtec Compact Power Lightset 4 RGBW LED set up in 19 channels, see the manual for all the documentation. I want to output different colors on each light of the 4 bar, so for example: light 1 red, light 2 orange, light 3 yellow and light 4 green. According to the manual his should be possible as you can set the color for each of the 4 lights separately, but I can't figure out how to do this in Sunlite. I've imported the 4-bar successfully and I get the screen below and everything works well, but I can only pick 1 color for all 4. I can change the dimming of each light separately, but there's no way to change the color.
2021-05-23 17_03_28-Window.png
2021-05-23 17_03_28-Window.png (114.19 KiB) Viewed 869 times
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