S3 Can't do STILL but S2 can! + Improvements - UPDATED 06.2022

New features and a new user interface.

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S3 Can't do STILL but S2 can! + Improvements - UPDATED 06.2022


1. You can invert a Console Fader - but not a switch or scene? (Work around Min & Max)

2. RGBW Fixture - on its page, you click the colour wheel and an colour dropper appears also feature does not work.
2.1 RGBW Fixture - Why can you not manually type in RGBW Values for colour wheel? = Colour Mixing windows needs to be very big to show this feature.
2.2 Its 2022..Still RGB Effects and not on RGB'W' fixtures in terms of Easytime effects.Again, its just a DMX Value between 0 to 255 - why does it seem so difficult? visualiser?

3. Fixtures - Why can i not copy my Fixtures pages groups across to the master page groups? S2 Can*

4.Fixture Overlap in Fixtures! Seriously, Must be an option for this! If you patch multiple fixtures, in Master mode - All my fixtures are on top of each other. Why can it not create a new line Under the previous - sometimes it's beside as 1 mega long line.

4.1 Why can i not copy the fixture positioning in Pages to my Master page? Why do i have to do it all again? Why can i not have an option? S2 Can*
+Still want to have the capability to alter both Master and Pages fixtures so we can have 2 Group Rect maps.

5. Why is the top taskbar so empty, all to the left - why can i only have keyboard shortcuts and not taskbar shortcuts? S2 Can* Options to add BPM etc (without taking up more vertical screen space)

6. Attempt to move fixtures in fixtures, but fixtures are captured in a group rect. S2 Can - Move the group rect, and the fixtures are locked in position even with no group rect overlap.
Moving fixtures - says its in a scene group rect, it can be a switch too, don't confuse the user, which Scene is the Group rect recorded in, Not just 'Can't do it - go and find that needle in a haystack!

6.2. Spelling mistake 'Below' not 'Bellow'.

7. Editor - Easytime - Right click to change 'Lenght' Spelling mistake 'Length'.

8. FX, If you want to rotate effect to 90 Degrees, you only have a dial, Arrow keys only move between effect parameters and not small increments, no manual input only Dial only. Generally, with any dial you can get 0% and 100% perfect, try getting 75% with a mouse!
8.1 Duplicate a scene/Switch with Group rect - Right click to edit FX on timeline. The FX Will be the same window size each time, so if you saved temporary Colours we have to make the tab bigger to reveal the custom colour. + Why name it if Sunlite doesn't save it? it only saves as a temp, not if you close and reopen the show.

9. Fixture Order does not work! With 1000 RGBW Pixels, it will not re-order them for the chases built using a non Group rect. Am not allowed to zoom in or out too..

10. Why is there so much space in Fixtures top selections but its all squeezed into the corner?
Move | Select | Select | Invert etc etc ..Why put Position wizard in a menu!!
10.1 Why are two labelled the same? scroll mouse will tell you the difference..
10.2 Why can we not select ODD or Evens? S2 Can*
10.3 Why can it not AUTO create Groups for the Fixtures within Master page - save some time.

11.That annoying 'Select channels' for adding fixtures into Timeline, another button click! Make this optional.. repetitive colour duplication scenes become a joyful sore finger and eye strain!
11.1 Also, Batch Buttons would be great! Otherwise on 1000 Pixels ticking a box is rather silly - also you can just turn the channel off once easytime is programmed..So why bother with this feature, does it do RGB'W'?

12. Easytime Window - Why is the mouse wheel not active for a quick scroll?
12.1 If you select the fixtures, and add them to the timeline, can it not auto scroll to the fixtures within easytime viewer to save the hassle of finding the small orange halo'ed fixtures.
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