New Sunlite Suite 3 Beta - 16 March 2018

New features and a new user interface.

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New Sunlite Suite 3 Beta - 16 March 2018

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Hi Sunlite users,

We have a new beta to try with updates listed below.

Please download it from the new Sunlite Pro website

- fixed problem when trying to use palette position in movement effect when first creating new pan/tilt effect
- added search function to fixture list to make it easier to find what you want
- open page archive in show -> convert old format cycle to new one
- SUT interfaces now detected
- fixed 'Wobble' with 16bit movement when X/Y area is using restricted area
- 16bit movement now shown correctly on fader bars in editor window when playing
- now possible to copy and paste cycle blocks
- minor text changes, improved icons and UI color updates
- fixed crash reporter
- changed easytime timeline scroll and zoom for consistency
- update dialog to set zoom levels
- fanning : added different levels of resolutions
- Import ses easyshow file in new cycle format
- Full screen for cycle now possible
- Fixed messagebox when loading a show. This was previously behind splash window.
- Lowest BPM is now 0, not 20, as before
- cut/copy/paste/delete/settings added to cycle block right click menu
- ability to remove timeline with right click->remove
- removed scroll bar from the top of easy time timeline
- cycle timelines now display audio waveform with a video track
- group update now working
- duplicating a scene now duplicates the fan information correctly
- light beam right click menu now displays
- fixed problem with cursor jumping to the beginning after editing an easytime block
- scrolling vertically in console now scrolls the background correctly

We would greatly appreciate if you could report any bugs you find on the forum.

If your interface does not recognize Sunlite Suite 3, please see this post about compatibility.

Kind Regards,

Nicolaudie Tech Support