What do I need for my band setup?

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What do I need for my band setup?

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Hello everyone,
as my Daslight interface died a couple of days ago and the support isn't helpful so far, I am looking to get a new, "better" solution in place. I came across the Sunlite Suites and very much like what I see so far. My problem is, that I don't really know what "features" I need to achieve my setup. E.g. is Express mode enough and so on.
What I need:

I need a whole bunch of scenes with standard colors, movement etc for my fixtures.
Then I need a way of having a series of scenes in a specific order that I can recall. AFAIK that's done with cycles in Sunlite.

Now I need to be able to activate such a cycle via MIDI IN. Then the first scene(s) should start playing and loop until another MIDI IN command is coming in and then jump to the next scene, that once again loops. Thus allowing me to program "songs" without the band restricting too much in terms of e.g. how many choruses there will be at the end.

Also I need the "Audio Signal Analysis" from Daslight that allows me to detect the BPM based on the incoming click signal.

Will a Sunlite EC interface with Suite 3 in Express mode be enough for that? I do not need full "shows" in terms of video+audio sync and so on...

Any help is appreciated!
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