S3 - Editing

New features and a new user interface.

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S3 - Editing


2 things wrong here.

1. I can drag a Palette to a group of fixtures, great changes in real time but does nothing else. Doesn't add to the timeline, can't even clear it so if i move the easytime timer, the lights will stay in overwritten Palette choice.

2. How do you turn this feature off? Confirm Channel selection, Another annoying button click..and what happens if i just wanted Red in this instance, I can't even select it!

I still don't understand why you give us a Save Button, but then whenever we click 'X' Exit, it will ask us if we want to save?
Why do users have to move our mouse so much, and click so much for a simple task..I've seen we have keyboard short cut now to save on moving that mouse...exit editor.

That top task bar is looking so empty..why can we not have 2 new buttons

Save - Oh we have that one! Pointless..Save just incase of a software crash?
Save & Exit
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