S3 - End is Nigh

New features and a new user interface.

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S3 - End is Nigh


Good Morning,

The fact you can't just open up Sunlite 3 and just create something without hitting some form of bug - regardless its in BETA as its the exact same for OFFICIAL.

The fact that you have released yet another BETA with the word 'Lenght', when i reported this MONTHS ago, shows that my bug reports are not taken seriously.

So again,


Why do we have this Silly Pop Up asking to Select your channels...

Create a Red Chase..'What Channels Pop Up' - all are selected.
From DMX Levels, can see that RGB channels are at 255 and White channel is 0.
Create my Red Chase - Black and Red - You can see it's fine in the background.
Confirm it..Oh look..The white channel has appeared at 255.


So create a RED chase sequence...Deselect White Channel. Use pre-built red palette, works.
Copy and Paste...(Wait for it...'What Channels popup') I'm just want to copy and paste THE EXACT SAME so i select nothing but Sunlite wants to pick every channel in a Copy and Paste scenario..Oh..What this, the white channel appears in the chase....

Also, Why does 'Fixtures Layout' If i select the fixtures...How comes i have to count the world's smallest squares, Why can it not count for me? Numbers inside the boxes, Like ESAPRO2.
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