S3 - Group Rect

New features and a new user interface.

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S3 - Group Rect



1. Group Rects are not outputting DMX in Realtime during programming
2. Palette Colours are ignored - so shows uses the 'Overwritten' previous colour as a demo
3. Trackpad to change rotation to 90 Degrees is impossible (with any Dial!), have to use a mouse with a scroll wheel. Arrow buttons are only selecting between the tabs
4. Group Rect Write times for a output - For 1 Universe, takes its time before i can demo in Realtime - Plus there is a difference between what we see in real life vs a small demo screen in the wrong colours.
5. For a Pro product, we need to have the White Channel to be added to colour mappings effects. I still don't understand why this can not be achieved.
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