S3 - Easy Remote and other Bugs

New features and a new user interface.

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S3 - Easy Remote and other Bugs



1. That strange Pixel that is repositioned on it own accord - Move it back, then goes into correct position due to groups rect

2. Switches are active, yet Dimmer does not work unless refreshed

3. Easy Remote vs Console - Console - Fade White up to Max - Stays active. Use Easy Remote - When at Max it turns the button off.

4. Easy Remote - I know this is end of line for this product, however i've only just found the way to load up. As it would seem easy remote crashes or stalls. But Load it, app stalls - Leave open and go to IOS Setting - Unlock it all - Close app - then reload app - stalls - Open up settings - Lock it all - Close app and reopen - Console Loads!
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