Update to: Can't control HE10 port thru ethernet.


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Update to: Can't control HE10 port thru ethernet.

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I'm using Sunlite Suite2 Sept 30 2015 with hardware mngr 1.2.0-21272 SVN:30533M
1.23 firmware in my Siudi 7b.
While I'm connected via usb cable, the port addressing works correctly. However, when I'm
connected thru the network and the USB is disconnected, the ports and switches
do not work. Can the Suite2-FC control the HE10 ports via the network as well as USB?
If it can control ports via ethernet, when will the software or firmware be fixed
to work correctly?
I forgot to say earlier, Everything else is working correctly. I can control lights thru
My phone using "Easy Remote". I can see the IP in hardware mngr. etc. I just cant control the
ports for a switch panel on the HE10 connector when just connected thru the network.