ESA2 / ESA Pro programmer need urgently in London

ESA PRO combines the ease of use of the Easy Stand Alone software and new powerful tools required by the latest LED fixtures

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ESA2 / ESA Pro programmer need urgently in London

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I am posting this on behalf of Michael from Luminart:

Experienced ESA2 and Esa Pro programmer required, south London.
Not a challenging job, just a case of preparing a small quantity of scenes and effects according to the clients brief. Equipment being used is ESA Pro, DE-3 controller driving 6 Eldoled 720d to 6 lines of RGB Tape. The majority of these can be detailed in advance for preparation, before attending site for a day to run the client through the basics of programming, make any changes required and then save the shows to the software and also save to SD card.

Please let me know how you charge, by hour or by day or half day including expenses and availability.
Reply to [email protected]. +44 (0)1992 531718
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