Zero 88 FLX S48 and Sunlite BC

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Zero 88 FLX S48 and Sunlite BC

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I use a Zero 88 FLX S48 console in a small concert hall to control mainly a fixed projector (trad PC on grada, and Pars, LED cutouts and frescos) ... and it works very well!

We have acquired small 90W LED spot moving heads. Zero 88 then shows us its limits. The effects offered are quite limited (you cannot add or even edit existing effects).

Next to me I have a Sunlite BC box (2 universes, one DMX input, one DMX output).

The idea would be to combine the 2 (and therefore order the stationary with the console and the robotics with sunlite associated with a midi pad).

1. Can we safely connect the output of the console to the input of the Sunlite box and connect the box output to the splitter to which all the lines are connected? The box would then play the role of Merger DMX.
In this case, must we use different universes on the console or the box.

2. Is there another solution that would allow me to keep a single line between the control room and the stage?

Thank you in advance for your answers.