DMX Pulsin/Blinking


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DMX Pulsin/Blinking

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I do work at a school where we have a Siudi-u7 that contacts multiple led strips in boxes in the walls for some nice effects in the auditorium. it was working fine with som premade programs by the company that installed it. but when I connected my laptop to put in on a stationary colour to make it look somewhat nicer at a dance evening the whole DMX started only giving pulses and blinks of signal instead of a ongoing signal so all the leds stopt working. then just to try that the led wasnt broken we connected a Strand 200 Plus lighting console and the boxes worked fine. we then connected the Siudi-u7 to the Dimmer pack of the auditorium (that just worked on the strand) and the DMX activety LED on the dimmer pack started blinking and pulsing without doing anything with the signal.

I tried fixing it with: ESA - ESApro - ESA2- Hardware manager and all of them didnt get anything of a signal out of him.
Even putting it back to stand alone and re-loading the show doesnt do anything. the hardware manager doesnt let me factory reset it either.

so ive got no idea what the problem is or what to do about it.
i hope you guys can help me.